Daffodil & Snowdrops

With Spring in the air, there is an increased risk of poisoning from Spring flowers such as daffodils and snowdrops.

Did you know that they are poisonous??

Know what is in your garden by researching on websites such as the Royal Horticultural Society which is an ideal place to start as they provide a fully comprehensive list of poisonous shrubs and flowers. Apps on smartphones are also useful for identifying plants in the garden.

Reactions if rubbed on the skin or even eaten are unlikely to be life-threatening but if anyone shows symptoms of poisoning including vomiting, tummy ache, rashes or burn blisters take them to the nearest hospital Emergency Department. DO NOT try and make them vomit as this can cause more damage. If they have vomited, scoop it up and bag it as the vomit will provide information of what they have come into contact with.

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