Early Years Foundation Stage Research Form

MBK Group Consultants

Early Years Foundation Stage Research

  • Have you read the final published version of the Early Years Foundation Stage 2021 document?

  • Are you aware of the DfE Table of Changes document?

  • Have you seen the revised Development Matters guidance?

  • Are you aware of the alternative Birth to 5 Matters guidance?

  • Do you have a preference as to which document you may follow/advise others to follow for curriculum delivery?

  • Childcare Providers in England - How long since your last Ofsted Inspection?

  • Have you re-familiarised yourself with the new Education Inspection Framework (EIF) which has been in use since September 2019?

  • What help or support might be useful to you in preparing your team for their next Ofsted inspection?

  • What is your job role?

  • What type of provision are you?

  • Which Local Authority are you in?

  • Please verify your email address

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