How can I get my Work Life Organised?

how to get your work life organisedClean off your Desk Day fits perfectly into January which has its theme as  ‘Get Organised Month’ and also sounds like a fabulous way to start the New Year, but how can you actually organise to help maximise your time?

Here are our Top Five Tips to getting your Work Life Organised (and therefore maximising your time):

Organise Yourself

How many times have you found yourself working on urgent, but not important tasks.

Creating a To Do List and then ranking the list can be really useful. Write EVERYTHING down (do NOT rely on your memory), even if it’s just onto your To Do List. Remember to TREAT YOURSELF once you’ve accomplished different tasks, creating a ‘Weekend Bucket List’ can also free up your time on the weekends to focus on what you want to do and enjoy yourself rather than worrying about the week ahead, or sat at home working.

An example of Ranking:

A – The things I have to get done today.

B – The things you need to get done, but not today.

C – Things you need to find time to do soon.


Organise Your Desk (or NOT)

For some people ‘A Cluttered Desk is a sign of a Cluttered Mind’ whereas for others ‘A Cluttered Desk is a sign of a Genius’. Personally, for me I’d say I’m more a ‘Cluttered Mind’ sort of person whereas I’d class Tricia as a ‘Genius’. Regardless of which category you fit into, I can guarantee that you could clean your desk into three piles right now: To Toss, To File and To Do. Once you’ve done the initial organise you can then work on what works for you in keeping your desk tidy (or NOT). Remember: everyday someone will put at least one thing new on your desk, how and where do you want it to be stored?

Organise Your Email

It’s time. Those 13,000 unread emails are ready for the bin. Sit down and take the time to delete emails you don’t need, or to file them into sub-folders (life-savers!). Not only that, but unsubscribe from all those newsletters (not ours!) that you no longer have time to read. You might want to spend 30 minutes a day tidying up your email, or you might want to tackle it all at once! Just like our mind, clearing out the junk will make space for new information to come through and be accessed.

Organise Your Storage

Everybody has their own way to store files, so sit down and think for a moment. Where will you instinctively look for business insurance, marketing plans, finances or children’s registers? Do you want them to be electronic or do they need to be paper; why not have a combination of both? At MBK we have a business filing system which is where our documents eventually end up, but up to that point each staff member has their own way on filing on their desk, whether that be ‘Awaiting Payment’ or ‘To Do’ trays on their desk or it could be tasks set up in the Outlook Email.

Organise Your TeamHow to get my Work Life Organised

DELEGATE. Take a moment to look at what you’re currently working on, or what’s on your To Do List, what can be delegated to someone else? Maybe there are issues that keep coming back to you that should be directed to someone else, create an Organisation Chart and share it amongst your employees.

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