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More about Chris Marston

Chris Marston is a commercial business professional with over 12 years in the Education sector and most recently spending his time helping run one of the UK’s largest Nursery Groups. Before that, Chris was Managing Director of a medium-sized group in the West country, navigating the complex waters of COVID lockdowns and ensuring viability.

Before running Nurseries, Chris was on the other side of the fence, leading one of the UK’s leading suppliers of products into the Early Years sector. This is where he polished his skills on Procurement and how important it is to your bottom line.

Today Chris runs Early Years Business Solutions where he focuses on offering his business expertise to independent settings a swell as small groups. His specialties are:

  • Revenue – Proposition pricing, Funding allocations, Maximising occupancy
  • Costs – Your wage bill, efficient staff allocations. Procurement – Have you got the right suppliers and is their service top class
  • Structure – Do you have the most efficient and effective structure to ensure you can maximise your offering and viability

Chris is not a qualified Childcare professional, although he and his wife have 2 daughters who have now fled the nest and are making their own way in our exciting world.