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Our full range of Curriculum CPD Courses

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Exploring STEM in the Early Years

Price: £35

This Exploring STEM in the Early Years course is designed to bring Science and Maths into Early Years settings. This early years STEM training course is designed to support practitioners in a number of ways.
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Delivering Awe and Wonder – Building Curiosity

Price: £35

Building on from our Let them Loose course we have developed a new building curiosity in children course that is further designed to support and enthuse practitioners to deliver an inspirational experience for children, using natural and authentic materials
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Working with Babies

Price: £35

This course is aimed at giving practitioners the essential knowledge to work with and care for babies. The statutory framework requires that “at least half of all staff must have received training that specifically addresses the care of babies”.
Supporting Childrens Communication Language in the EYFS
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Supporting Communication and Language In the EYFS

Price: £35

In a post-pandemic world where children have had restricted interactions outside of close family and limited experiences at a critical time in their young life, it is not surprising that children are coming into settings with developmental delays in speech, language and communication and ‘narrowing the gap’ is becoming increasingly harder.
Effective EYFS Curriculum 2021
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How effective is your EYFS 2021 Curriculum?

Price: £35

This Effective EYFS 2021 Curriculum Delivery course is aimed at practitioners. It supports them in meeting the high expectations required of them under the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework and the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).
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Fun with Numbers – Maths in Early Years

Price: £35

This Fun with Numbers in Early Years course is designed to bring Early Years Maths into Early Years settings. This maths training for early years course is designed to support practitioners in a number of ways.
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Building Self-Regulation in Early Years

Price: £35

This Building Self Regulation & Behaviour Management in Early Years training course is suitable for all practitioners working with children.
Baby development
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Enabling Baby Environments – Working with Babies

Price: £35

This course is aimed at giving practitioners new activities, new ideas and a better understanding of the EYFS requirements for baby development.
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Let Them Loose with Natural Materials

Price: £35

Training in Loose Parts is a practical course full of fun, designed to enthuse practitioners to deliver inspirational activities using loose parts. Providing a rich, engaging and interactive environment remains key to supporting better outcomes for children
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Curriculum CPD

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) supports the whole team in developing their learning, skills, and experience. It allows time for them to reflect on what they do and to evaluate how they can make improvements to this. It can also simply provide a refresher for existing knowledge. Ultimately it benefits the children in our care as it keeps the team up to date with current practices.  

Our obligations within the EYFS framework are 

‘Providers must support staff to undertake appropriate training and professional development opportunities to ensure they offer quality learning and development experiences for children that continually improve.’

There’s no doubt that enhancing your team’s knowledge with up-to-date team training is one of the best ways to ensure consistency and meet your ongoing CPD requirements under the EYFS. 

So whilst there are no specific courses that are required or indeed any detailed guidance on what to do, in order to be delivering childcare at the highest level, CPD must have become embedded within your practice. A regular and ongoing program is in place and the whole team benefits from the latest research and knowledge.

At MBK there is a range of existing training courses on offer, incorporating current research and developments. In addition to these standard courses we are able to bespoke a ranges of courses for settings, to suit their own current areas of focus. This can range from anything such as Language Development to Enhancing Interactions or even developing your own Curriculum. 

During inspections, Ofsted will talk to staff about their CPD and what the impact has been on this on the children. The outstanding practice identifies the areas that need improvement and are addressing these through CPD activities. 

Never before has it been so important to get your team together in a room to develop specific aspects of your curriculum knowledge and methods of working together.  Here is an outline of some of the courses to inspire you

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Using Over 24 Years Of Experience, Knowledge and Expertise To Help Your Early Years Setting Be The Best It Can Be.

MBK has been creating confidence, competence and cohesion through bespoke training in early years settings since 2014. Read about us in our clients’ own words here …


Having the reassurance that we always have a reliable training provider to deliver several courses across the year relieves a lot of pressure on me, as a Manager. MBK are efficient and helpful, they take on board any suggestions for the content of courses, meaning they are tailored to our individual settings where possible. We are in our second year using MBK and would highly recommend.

Emily Dodd
Roundabouts Day Nursery

I recently had the pleasure to take part in the leadership and management training with Emma Beard from MBK. Emma was welcoming, friendly and professional. She made many of us, new to the management role, feel confident to share any worries or queries within the group. The activities and tasks were well presented and added valuable knowledge and understanding of what our roles would consist of. Resources and materials needed were provided in advance to allow all participants to feel confident to engage in break out discussions and present ideas of what we thought was important in good management. Thank you for helping me feel ready to take the next step in my career!

Sean Chavangthrup
Rainbow preschool

MBK has helped so much as we have four settings and therefore many staff who need to keep Up to date with Early Years Training etc. MBK have a wide range of courses and dates that we are able to fit around different staff's working pattern, company positions and we can prioritise and plan accordingly.
The courses they attend are relevant and of interest and informative. Being with others from the workplace helps also as it prompts discussion and confidence.

Kate Groom
Little Sneakers

The visits we have had with Tricia and her team have been wonderfully informative, lots of useful information that has proven to be very practical. The visits have assisted with the continued progression of the nursery curriculum and financial stability, along with supporting our self evaluation and staff development.

Sabrina Watt
Manager Toddlers Nursery
Lewes, East Sussex

It’s great how they share new information and include you all once you have attended one of their courses which are very interesting and encouraging. The file containing all areas of Ofsted EYFS is an easy tool when training Senior Staff.

Lorraine Mitchell
Tiddlywinks Nursery School