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Safeguarding Key Cards


*NEW* Our brand new Safeguarding Cards have been carefully created to cover all the key aspects of safeguarding that your team need to know about. Made from the same almost indestructible NeverTear material that all our cards use these will last for many years.

Early Years Nutrition on a Budget Webinar


Our introductory webinar will provide an enlightening insight into early years nutrition and examine how budgetary contraints can still support creating nutritious meals.

Are you a Grape?


Take our quick personality test to see what fruit you might be.

Job Support


Our Job Support document outlines expectations for team members as to what support really means for their job role.

Bespoke Emergency Paediatric First Aid Training


This Early Years Emergency Paediatric First Aid training course is aimed at all Early Years practitioners who are looking to obtain a current paediatric first aid qualification as required by both Ofsted and the EYFS.

Bespoke Building an Inclusive Early Years Setting


This course is designed to support Managers, SENCO’s and qualified practitioners in providing an inclusive setting.

Bespoke Supporting Communication and Language In the EYFS


In a post-pandemic world where children have had restricted interactions outside of close family and limited experiences at a critical time in their young life, it is not surprising that children are coming into settings with developmental delays in speech, language and communication and ‘narrowing the gap’ is becoming increasingly harder.

Bespoke Playwork Training & Ofsted Preparation for Out of School Clubs


This Playwork Training & Ofsted Preparation for Out of School Clubs Course is designed for all practitioners working or leading practice in an Out of School Club provision. This will include stand-alone clubs or ones within a nursery childcare setting.