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Consultancy Packages

Annual Packages

Group 483

Just Training

 £185 per month 

You achieve a highly motivated and impeccably trained team 

Perfect for settings that are already GOOD or OUTSTANDING and want to stay at the top of their game and provide ongoing CPD

At £185 per month – that’s less than 1 child a day per week

Group 484

Proper Progress

£750 per month 

You achieve the improvements you desire and the outcomes you want from your team

Perfect for settings that want to get better, nurseries that want their team to grow and those going through change or expansion

£750 per month – that’s around 2 days per week for 1 child

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Delivering Excellence

£1275 per month 

You will achieve liberation from the day-to day running of your setting along with a highly engaged and motivated team running it effectively

Perfect for Owners who want their Managers to take on full responsibility; settings that strive to be at the pinnacle of our profession and settings who are serious about achieving an Outstanding Ofsted

£1275 per month –that’s  less than a full time child

OFSTED Support Packages

Group 483

Pre-Inspection Preparation Package

If you are expecting an Ofsted Inspection within the next year then our pre-inspection programme might be of benefit to you.


We can adapt our packages to suit your budget

Group 484

Post-Inspection Support Package

If your Ofsted Inspection didn’t go as planned or you have identified improvements then we have an intensive support package to get you to where you need to be:

           From £1500 per month

We can respond quickly to your needs and can adapt our packages to suit your budget

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Emergency support package maternity / sickness/holiday/new setting/ transitions

Do you have an emergency support need for your setting? Where you are not available for your team to turn to should a situation arise? We may well have the solution for you with our unique package:

Prices start from as little as £500 per month.