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Our full range of Safeguarding Courses

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Basic Safeguarding: Child Protection

Price: £35

This Early Years Child Protection Training Course is aimed at new employees who need an introduction to Safeguarding
DSL Schools Colleges
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Universal Safeguarding Training for Schools and Colleges

Price: £95

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2021 makes it clear that all staff members should receive school safeguarding training and child protection training, which should be regularly updated. These updates should be in line with advice from the Local Safeguarding Children Partnership.
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EY Designated Safeguarding Lead Refresher Training (DSL Refresher Training)

Price: £60

This shorter Designated Safeguarding Lead Refresher Training for staff who have previously attended DSL training.  Proof of relevant and recent previous training will be required to attend the course
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EY Designated Safeguarding Lead Training (DSL Training)

Price: £135

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for any setting is an important role in providing a safe and supportive setting for the children, staff and parents
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Safeguarding in Early Years Refresher – Safeguarding in Practice

Price: £35

This  Safeguarding in Early Years Refresher safeguarding in practice training course is aimed at all Early Years practitioners who are looking to understand the wider arena of Safeguarding in Early Years and are already familiar with basic child protection.
DSL Schools Colleges Refresher
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Designated Safeguarding Lead Refresher Training for Schools and Colleges

Price: £120

The Designated Safeguarding Lead role is vital to keeping children safe.
DSL Schools Colleges
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Designated Safeguarding Lead Training for Schools and Colleges

Price: £195

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) role is vital to keeping children safe.
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Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse

Price: £35

This interactive and thought-provoking training seeks to develop professional’s knowledge around the devastating impact of domestic abuse on adults and children.
Safer Recruitment in Education
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Safer Recruitment in Education Training

Price: £35

Having a safe recruitment process is vital to keeping children safe. This Safer Recruitment Training is delivered to meet requirements of the legislation.
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Risk Assessment for Early Years

Price: £35

Risk Assessment is an essential part of looking after children. Whilst policies are no longer required under the EYFS the burden of Risk Assessment is high on Ofsted’s agenda and practitioners need to be aware of Early Years health and safety and their responsibilities in relation to risk and risk assessing in early years.
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Price: £35

This E-Safety course is aimed at nursery and pre-school owners, playworkers, school leaders and managers to support they’re being able to meet the challenges we experience nowadays in undertaking our leadership and management roles within our early years and education environments. Internet safety for early years and internet safety in schools is becoming increasingly important
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Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Price: £35

This Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) course is aimed at nurseries and pre-school practitioners, playworkers, owners, school leaders, managers and teachers both new and experienced in order to support their knowledge and understanding in this important safeguarding concern.
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Safeguarding is the one aspect within the Inspection Framework that every team member will be asked about at inspection time. Although we shouldn’t just be undertaking safeguarding training for that purpose. It is an essential part of our work inasmuch that we both look after the children in our care and ensure they are kept both safe and well during their time with us. 

A truly outstanding team understands safeguarding is an everyday aspect of the job. Every decision and consideration within the setting should have safeguarding at the forefront of its thinking. Until this happens then safeguarding is not as good as it could be. When safeguarding is the primary driver for all decisions then it can be noted as being excellent. 

The range of Safeguarding courses we offer are designed to be both informative and practical. Because we train our own teams we ensure our courses are relevant and up to date. We don’t just deliver the basics, we include practical examples and applications and relate to things that have occurred in our and other nurseries that could have been prevented by better understanding of safeguarding procedures.

Our basic safeguarding child protection training is ideal for newcomers to early years and covers all the essentials. Child protection is an integral part of every early year’s practitioner’s role and it is essential to become informed about the signs and symptoms of abuse and how to report concerns. 

Our safeguarding refresher course is aimed at practitioners who are looking to understand the wider arena of safeguarding in early years and are already familiar with basic child protection. It supports building confidence in the process of ensuring the provision of a safe environment for the children.

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) training and refreshers cover all the key aspects involved in being the safeguarding lead for your setting. This course covers the role of the DSL and looks in-depth at their responsibilities in their day-to-day practice and with their local authority safeguarding partnership.  It is ideal for managers, deputy managers and senior team members who can act as deputy DSL when needed.

Child Protection Basic Safeguarding

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Having the reassurance that we always have a reliable training provider to deliver several courses across the year relieves a lot of pressure on me, as a Manager. MBK are efficient and helpful, they take on board any suggestions for the content of courses, meaning they are tailored to our individual settings where possible. We are in our second year using MBK and would highly recommend.

Emily Dodd
Roundabouts Day Nursery

It’s great how they share new information and include you all once you have attended one of their courses which are very interesting and encouraging. The file containing all areas of Ofsted EYFS is an easy tool when training Senior Staff.

Lorraine Mitchell
Tiddlywinks Nursery School

The visits we have had with Tricia and her team have been wonderfully informative, lots of useful information that has proven to be very practical. The visits have assisted with the continued progression of the nursery curriculum and financial stability, along with supporting our self evaluation and staff development.

Sabrina Watt
Manager Toddlers Nursery
Lewes, East Sussex

I recently had the pleasure to take part in the leadership and management training with Emma Beard from MBK. Emma was welcoming, friendly and professional. She made many of us, new to the management role, feel confident to share any worries or queries within the group. The activities and tasks were well presented and added valuable knowledge and understanding of what our roles would consist of. Resources and materials needed were provided in advance to allow all participants to feel confident to engage in break out discussions and present ideas of what we thought was important in good management. Thank you for helping me feel ready to take the next step in my career!

Sean Chavangthrup
Rainbow preschool

MBK has helped so much as we have four settings and therefore many staff who need to keep Up to date with Early Years Training etc. MBK have a wide range of courses and dates that we are able to fit around different staff's working pattern, company positions and we can prioritise and plan accordingly.
The courses they attend are relevant and of interest and informative. Being with others from the workplace helps also as it prompts discussion and confidence.

Kate Groom
Little Sneakers