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Having all staff develop an understanding of the needs of children with SEND provides the opportunity to create a truly inclusive setting.

Our full range of SEND Courses

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Beginners Guide to SEND in Early Years – Part 1

Price: £35

This course will give an overview of supporting children with SEND in Early Years.
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Beginners Guide to SEND in Early Years – Part 2

Price: £35

This course will give an overview of how an early year setting should be providing support for children with SEND.
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Building an Inclusive Early Years Setting

Price: £35

This course is designed to support Managers, SENCO’s and qualified practitioners in providing an inclusive setting.
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Early Years SENCO Survival Guide

Price: £35

This course will look at the role and responsibilities of the Early Years SENCO as set out in the SEND Code of Practice in 2015.
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SENDco in Practice

Price: £47.50

This course is designed to enhance your understanding and practice in supporting children with SEND, ensuring they receive the care and support they need to thrive and succeed.
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Supporting Children with SEND in an Early Years Setting (2 Sessions)

Price: £70

An in-depth, comprehensive, practical and interactive course designed to teach practitioners about the broad areas of need as outlined in the SEND Code of Practice.
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Supporting Children with Send in Early Years

Price: £35

A key responsibility in the Code of Practice for Early Years SENDCos is ensuring that their setting identifies when young children may have additional needs, and supporting their keyworkers to carry out quality initial assessments. Parents and keyworkers often have questions about how to tell when they are concerned for a child; how can they be sure if this is a typical stage of development or if there is a need there that could be supported?
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SEND inclusion is still not truly understood or embraced by all practitioners. A truly inclusive setting should be providing children with the right opportunities to explore and learn irrespective of their individual needs. Very often it is the behaviour of children that receives the attention though. 

Our range of SEND in the Early Years courses very much look at the practical requirements to deliver a supportive environment for all children, whatever their needs might be. It is our belief that by meeting the individual needs of these children then the setting becomes a calmer and smoother running provision. Our training courses identify with this and look to empowering practitioners to create a calm and interesting environment for all children with or without SEND.

Within the courses we offer there is an in-depth look at the legislative requirements under the SEND Code of Practice. This outlines the considerations and the framework for creating a fully inclusive setting. It starts with the understanding of what is meant by inclusivity and looks at the key changes and adaptations that can be made easily to incorporate an individual’s child’s needs.  

We are also conscious of the important role that the SENCO has to play in ensuring practitioners follow the plans put in place for children. Our SENCO course not only outlines these responsibilities it also looks at the aspects of working with the parents and liaising with other professionals along the child’s journey. Providing opportunities to discuss the role in order that they can be as effective as possible as SENCO to the setting.  

Our SEND courses can also be delivered as bespoke courses and include more specific training on children with particular needs e.g. those with Autism or ADHD.

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Using Over 24 Years Of Experience, Knowledge and Expertise To Help Your Early Years Setting Be The Best It Can Be.

MBK has been creating confidence, competence and cohesion through bespoke training in early years settings since 2014. Read about us in our clients’ own words here …


The visits we have had with Tricia and her team have been wonderfully informative, lots of useful information that has proven to be very practical. The visits have assisted with the continued progression of the nursery curriculum and financial stability, along with supporting our self evaluation and staff development.

Sabrina Watt
Manager Toddlers Nursery
Lewes, East Sussex

It’s great how they share new information and include you all once you have attended one of their courses which are very interesting and encouraging. The file containing all areas of Ofsted EYFS is an easy tool when training Senior Staff.

Lorraine Mitchell
Tiddlywinks Nursery School

Having the reassurance that we always have a reliable training provider to deliver several courses across the year relieves a lot of pressure on me, as a Manager. MBK are efficient and helpful, they take on board any suggestions for the content of courses, meaning they are tailored to our individual settings where possible. We are in our second year using MBK and would highly recommend.

Emily Dodd
Roundabouts Day Nursery

MBK has helped so much as we have four settings and therefore many staff who need to keep Up to date with Early Years Training etc. MBK have a wide range of courses and dates that we are able to fit around different staff's working pattern, company positions and we can prioritise and plan accordingly.
The courses they attend are relevant and of interest and informative. Being with others from the workplace helps also as it prompts discussion and confidence.

Kate Groom
Little Sneakers