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More about Kelly Sheils

Kelly Sheils has worked in the early years for over 25 years, she started by training for her  NNEB in 1996 and then progressed to a foundation degree leading to a BA (Hons) in Early education studies. Kelly also trained to be an NVQ assessor in her early career.

Additionally, Kelly has been a level 3 Forest School practitioner since 2010 and has a passion for outdoor learning coupled with a keen interest in all things’ wellbeing and more recently trained as a mental health first aider and relax kids coach. Kelly also co-authored a book that is available on Amazon 101 Mindful Activities for Happy Minds.

In her career, Kelly has worked as a practitioner with all age groups including out-of-school provision, and for 20 years worked as a manager and regional manager in Early years settings all over the midlands gaining invaluable experience in high-quality and outstanding childcare. In 2019 Kelly decided to take the leap and train as a level 3 adult trainer to share her experience and become a consultant and trainer, just in time for a global pandemic! Over the next couple of years, Kelly returned to being a regional manager but still worked part-time as a consultant and trainer.

She also kept herself busy being part of the professional team rewriting the Birth to 5 matters during lockdown reviewing “the wider context” with a team of professionals and is very proud to have her name on the document’s back pages.

She lives in Staffordshire with her family including 2 young children aged 5 and 8, her husband and her Romanian rescue dog Oscar the wire-haired Dachshund that gets a lot of attention if he gets himself on a Zoom call.

Currently Kelly Sheils…

is now the Early years consultant lead at MBK Group and hasn’t looked back, she met Tricia in 2018 and had kept in touch over the years, chatting at events then in 2022 took the leap again this time to join a team of early years trainers and consultants at MBK

Kelly enjoys meeting new teams, celebrating their strengths and supporting them in overcoming their challenges with hands-on support and training. helping a team to turn an undesirable inspection outcome around is her favourite part of the job.

She has many ideas for creating new products and books to support the early years and reach more of the sector and is always looking to expand the network of Early years consultants and trainers so she can spend more time on producing these!