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Preparing For Inspection

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Preparing for Inspection

Since the introduction of the EIF inspections in 2019 there has been a noticeable difference in the way inspections are carried out. How prepared you and your team are for this may well influence the outcome you receive,  

There are many elements to be considered in preparing for Inspection and undertaking any short course will never be able to cover all of them. However, through raising awareness of what inspection entails, with the whole staff team, can make the process much less daunting for everyone. 

The Inspection process can be stressful when you lack knowledge about what is expected of you, what you might be asked about and how to best answer questions.  

Our courses are all designed to give you up to date information about the inspection process and to share with you the knowledge and experience we have from having our own settings who are undergoing inspections regularly and from working with many other settings and understanding the nuances of the inspection process and what can affect your outcomes.

Information on the inspection process is published by Ofsted in the Early Years Inspection Handbook. However, reading about what they do and having the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and hear first hand about the inspection process are two very different things. 

We’ll cover topics such as the Learning Walk, Cultural Capital, British Values, Safeguarding, keypersons and joint observations. Alongside this, making the right first impressions is also considered. 

So whether your team have undertaken inspections before or are completely new to the process these courses will work to build their knowledge and in turn build their confidence in managing the inspection day when it arrives.

We can deliver these courses to your whole staff team both virtually or fact to face. This is a great way to bring the team together and ensure they are all working together when the day comes. 

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MBK has been creating confidence, competence and cohesion through bespoke training in early years settings since 2014. Read about us in our clients’ own words here …


I recently had the pleasure to take part in the leadership and management training with Emma Beard from MBK. Emma was welcoming, friendly and professional. She made many of us, new to the management role, feel confident to share any worries or queries within the group. The activities and tasks were well presented and added valuable knowledge and understanding of what our roles would consist of. Resources and materials needed were provided in advance to allow all participants to feel confident to engage in break out discussions and present ideas of what we thought was important in good management. Thank you for helping me feel ready to take the next step in my career!

Sean Chavangthrup
Rainbow preschool

Our whole team would most definitely recommend the Ofsted Experience Day to any setting who are keen to ensure they are providing the very best they can for the children in their care.

The experience was very well received by all members of our team as our Mock Inspector made everyone feel at ease whilst still making the day feel ‘real’. All staff said the visit was invaluable in aiding their confidence, especially since the mock inspector offered hints and tips following any interaction with them. The Management team had some constructive discussions with the Mock Inspector, and we were really appreciative of any actions that were highlighted to us to better our offering to our children and families.

The one thing that stood out was the supportive nature of the visit. Not only did we gain a real insight into what a real inspection would be like, we were also able to learn lots from our Mock Inspector who was extremely knowledgeable. The inspector pointed out any areas for improvement in a really positive and supportive way and really celebrated our successes.

Kate McLeod
Little Dragons

MBK has helped so much as we have four settings and therefore many staff who need to keep Up to date with Early Years Training etc. MBK have a wide range of courses and dates that we are able to fit around different staff's working pattern, company positions and we can prioritise and plan accordingly.
The courses they attend are relevant and of interest and informative. Being with others from the workplace helps also as it prompts discussion and confidence.

Kate Groom
Little Sneakers

If it hadn’t been for this inspection experience then the staff would not have got to grips with the three I’s and the quality of education judgement may have been compromised. As it was the team became much more focused on how to implement the three I’s and how this affected closing gaps in children’s learning.

Mollamoud Yussuf
Little A'isha

Light bulb moment of why I was losing money.
By changing my fee structure I will lose less money.
Really enjoyed the whole day. Very informative.
Discussing Fee Structures with other providers.
Giving me new ideas.
Amazing resources thank you!

Customer Moments

Having the reassurance that we always have a reliable training provider to deliver several courses across the year relieves a lot of pressure on me, as a Manager. MBK are efficient and helpful, they take on board any suggestions for the content of courses, meaning they are tailored to our individual settings where possible. We are in our second year using MBK and would highly recommend.

Emily Dodd
Roundabouts Day Nursery
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