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Bespoke Building an Inclusive Early Years setting

Sessions can be tailored to the needs of the audience and will always include a discussion with the organiser regarding specific conditions/ behaviours/ environments within the setting.

To get the best out of the course, we recommend up to 30 Delegates, numbers above this can be facilitated although there will need to be an additional charge.

We can also deliver this course face to face. There will be an additional cost to venues over 25 miles away from B80 7HJ.

Ticket Price £525.00

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What you'll learn

Building an Inclusive Early Years Setting

children with SEND developing a send friendly environmentThis course is designed to support Managers, SENCO’s and qualified practitioners in providing an inclusive setting. A truly inclusive setting offers all children an opportunity to explore and learn irrespective of their individual needs and this is how all settings need to respond to children with SEND. During this session, we will explore a range of practical strategies that can be used to develop the indoors and outdoors so that it supports all children including those with SEND. We will then look at how changes and adaptations to the following can support developing an inclusive setting:

  • The Environment
  • Learning Activities
  • Communication
  • Equipment & Resources

This course will enable you to:

  • Understand what is  meant by an inclusive setting
  • Understand the key changes and adaptations that can be made to a setting to make it truly inclusive
  • Be aware of the impact an inclusive setting can have on the learning potential of children with SEND
  • Be able to audit and make simple changes to the setting to support the individual needs of all children

We are currently delivering our courses both face to face and via Zoom Live. We use many different methods to make sure courses are as interactive as possible and when virtual expect delegates to have cameras on and sound on when required. We also request that you take part in the feedback on our courses so that we can improve our services every time. We provide individual certificates for all of our courses.

Course length: 2 hours

To book this course please call us on 0845 139 2070 or click here.

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