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Bespoke Designated Safeguarding Lead Refresher Training for Schools and Colleges

The Designated Safeguarding Lead role is vital to keeping children safe.

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Designated Safeguarding Lead Refresher Training for Schools and Colleges

The Designated Safeguarding Lead role is vital to keeping children safe. This Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) refresher training for schools course provides Designated Safeguarding Leads and their deputies with the opportunity to refresh and update their knowledge of the requirements of the role, as required by the Department of Education’s statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (September 2021).

The course provides delegates with information on updates to legislation, local procedures and inspection criteria relevant to the responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead. It also covers key learning from both local and national Serious Case Reviews and Child Safeguarding Practices Reviews.

This course can be delivered either at a venue with social distancing restrictions in place, or remotely via Zoom, to meet the needs of the setting.

DSL Training Refresher for Schools and Colleges course content

This is a four-hour course and consists of four modules. The content of each module is as follows;

Module 1 – Refresh your knowledge of legislation and different types of abuse

  • This module refreshes the understanding of the relevant safeguarding legislation and the different types of abuse that may be encountered and their possible signs and causes. This includes an update on the broader risks that children and young people now face, such as radicalisation, ‘honour’ based violence, ‘peer on peer’ abuse and ‘County lines’.

Module 2 – An update on changes to statutory guidance and how these might impact your role.

  • This module will look at the recent changes made to statutory documents and raise awareness of any new information that has been issued for September 2021.

Module 3 – Revisiting the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • This module will revisit the specific requirements of the DSL role, and identify where each delegate may be able to develop their own approach to fulfilling their responsibilities.

Module 4 – Internal and external procedures

  • This final module will look at both the internal and external procedures that the DSL will need to follow to ensure that they carry out its statutory role in an effective way

This refresher training course is ideal for those who wish to update their knowledge and skills to continue their role of Designated Safeguarding Lead. To attend this course, delegates do need to have previously attended a full Designated Safeguarding Lead training course.

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Virtual Learning

Online training for your convenience

We are currently delivering our courses via Zoom Live. We use a lot of different methods to make sure courses are as interactive as possible and do expect delegates to have cameras on and sound on when required. We also request that you take part in the feedback on our courses so that we can improve our services every time. We provide individual certificates for all of our courses.