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Supporting Childrens Communication Language in the EYFS

Bespoke Supporting Communication & Language Development in the EYFS

Ofsted Inspections focus on how well our language development is weaved into our curriculum. This course will help you enhance your practice and look at ways in which you can provide greater life chances for children.

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What you'll learn

In a post-pandemic world where children have had restricted interactions outside of close family and limited experiences at a critical time in their young life, it is not surprising that children are coming into settings with developmental delays in speech, language and communication and ‘narrowing the gap’ is becoming increasingly harder.

This course focuses on improving practice so that all children can be supported to be able to access the whole EYFS curriculum and become more confident, well-rounded learners. With lots of practical ideas to take away, the course will consider the Statutory Guidance for EYFS and Ofsted Inspection guidelines. It explores what the terms communication and language development mean and the influence this has on how children work. It will look at positive interaction styles and how these interaction styles and how these interactions benefit children’s learning and development at all times of the day at every opportunity such as simple care routines and examine the physical environment to create space that encourages communication and promotes language development.

This Early Years Communication & Language training course will enable Practitioners and Leaders:

  • To understand what is meant by the term’s communication and language and how this impacts their learning.
  • To use positive interaction strategies to support children to access all areas of the curriculum and build confidence to express themselves.
  • To be able to create a language rich environment and take opportunities to develop communication skills throughout the day.
  • Have an awareness of what the SLC (Speech, Language & Communication) difficulties look like and where to get support.

Course Length: 2.5 hours

MBK Group can deliver course virtually live via Zoom or face to face. We use a lot of different methods to make sure courses are as interactive as possible. When delivering virtually, we are expecting delegates to have cameras on and sound on when required. MBK Group also requests that you take part in the feedback on our courses so that we can improve our services every time. We provide individual certificates for all of our courses.

We can deliver, virtually or face to face, either to your individual setting or to a group of settings arranged by yourself. To find out more about this then please call us on 0845 139 2070, or book the training and we will be in touch.

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