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The Power of Observation in Early Childhood Education

The Power of Observation in Early Childhood Education4

The quest for continuous improvement is the driving force behind many industries, including early childhood education. By keeping up-to-date with new studies and ensuring best practices are followed, early years settings can deliver consistently high-quality experiences for our children. One approach to continuous improvement is the practice of peer-on-peer observations. In this blog, we cover […]

Learning To Love Maths – Everyday Maths

Learning To Love Maths - Everyday Maths

For many adults, maths is a bit like Marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. And that has a lot to do with how we experienced learning maths during our childhood. The thing is, maths is important. Simple maths concepts we learn as kids forge the foundations for skills we need in adult […]

Exploring Nature’s Toolbox – Enhancing EY Play With Natural Materials

Exploring Nature's Toolbox - Enhancing EY Play With Natural Materials

Young children are eager to explore and learn, and it’s the role of the Early years setting to nurture and support them. From sticks and stones to Autumn leaves and everything in between, what better way to captivate and inspire little minds than with nature’s toolbox! Integrating natural materials into the days of children sparks […]

CPD – Empowering Early Years Educators

CPD - Empowering Early Years Educators3

CPD is a key part of the Early Years sector. It ensures your children and their families receive the best possible care and keeps your business current and well-regarded. Here we discuss what it is, why it’s important and how you can foster a positive CPD-focussed culture in your early years setting. What Is CPD? […]

How To Conduct Super Supervisions

How To Conduct Super Supervisions5

Supervisions are a mandatory part of the EYFS, but they function as a support mechanism, too. The practitioners working in your setting are your most valuable resource. Effective supervision supports your staff team to deliver high-quality care and helps to create a positive working environment. In this blog, we review how you can embrace supervisions […]

What Defines A Culture Of Openness And Positivity In Safeguarding?

What Defines A Culture Of Openness And Positivity In Safeguarding

The world of Early years education is constantly evolving, and as professionals, we must stay informed and prepared to meet new challenges.  On 1st  September 2023, Ofsted introduced several significant changes to its Early Years Inspection Framework. In this blog, we’ll explore these changes and what they mean for early years providers, focusing on the […]

What is E-Safety In Early Years And Why Does It Matter?

E-Safety in Early Years

These days, children are becoming familiar with and have access to the online world from a very early age. A recent study by Ofcom, the communications regulator in the UK, tells us that 97% of children aged between 3-17 went online in 2022. What’s more, is that the figure is only slightly lower for 3-4-year-olds […]

How To Succeed As An Early Years Manager Or Leader

Early Years Manager

What do you need to succeed in an Early years managerial role? And what sets a leadership role in a nursery apart from similar positions in other sectors? Here, we delve into the topic. It’s Up To You The role of an Early years manager in a nursery is unique because you are responsible for […]

What Is Prevent Duty And Why Is It Important?

Prevent Duty

If you work in the world of Early Years, you may have heard of Prevent Duty.  In this blog, we explore what the term refers to, why it’s important and how to make sure your early years setting remains compliant.  What Is Prevent Duty? The term Prevent Duty refers to the duty individuals in authority […]

School Readiness: Prepare Children For The Next Step

School readiness in Early Years is about so much more for the children you care about than being able to write their names and read a book. You’ll know that already, and we don’t mean to sound condescending, but we also know (from first-hand experience) that providing an early years service is full-on. Planning, delivery […]