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Retake: It’s Not Free And It’s Not 15 Hours

Retake Its Not Free And Its Not 15 Hours5

The annual autumn statement saw the Chancellor promising a hike in staff wages and a drop in national insurance contributions. Whilst it got a large hooray from many, it has left the early years sector to deal with growing expenses without tax relief or help to make things more affordable. Here’s my take on it […]

5 Reasons Your Staff Are Leaving & How To Keep Them

5 Reasons Your Staff Are Leaving How To Keep Them 4 300x300 1

There are no two ways about it. The Early Years sector is in crisis.  Staff retention in our sector continues to face extreme pressure, with practices experiencing a vicious circle of recruitment and stress with little relief.  So what can be done? When staff report feeling undervalued, undersupported and underpaid but there’s no money in […]

Why Hiring For Your Nursery Is So Hard – And What To Do About It

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Are you feeling frustrated about the lack of available nursery staff? Does it seem impossible to find reliable and skilled team members? Are you stressed about the time and money it takes to recruit and retain valuable employees? At MBK, we know what it takes to run a nursery and we understand your predicament. Over […]