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Boom or Bust: The Critical Numbers In Your Childcare Business

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If you own a childcare business and don’t know your numbers, you’re doing yourself an injustice.  Your numbers are the key indicators that show how your nursery is doing, and whether you’re on track for a sustainable and successful future. It’s no good waiting for a yearly update from your accountant. By then it might […]

5 Reasons Your Staff Are Leaving & How To Keep Them

There are no two ways about it. The Early Years sector is in crisis.  Staff retention in our sector continues to face extreme pressure, with practices experiencing a vicious circle of recruitment and stress with little relief.  So what can be done? When staff report feeling undervalued, undersupported and underpaid but there’s no money in […]

Working With Babies – Is Your Nursery Hitting The Framework Requirements?

Children develop incredibly quickly in the first two years of their lives. And that means that EYFS professionals working with babies (children under two years old) have a duty to ensure those little people thrive as they should. Though a vast percentage may not yet be able to talk to communicate their needs, responding to […]