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Here are some testimonials from our customers:


Our whole team would most definitely recommend the Ofsted Experience Day to any setting who are keen to ensure they are providing the very best they can for the children in their care.

The experience was very well received by all members of our team as our Mock Inspector made everyone feel at ease whilst still making the day feel ‘real’. All staff said the visit was invaluable in aiding their confidence, especially since the mock inspector offered hints and tips following any interaction with them. The Management team had some constructive discussions with the Mock Inspector, and we were really appreciative of any actions that were highlighted to us to better our offering to our children and families.

The one thing that stood out was the supportive nature of the visit. Not only did we gain a real insight into what a real inspection would be like, we were also able to learn lots from our Mock Inspector who was extremely knowledgeable. The inspector pointed out any areas for improvement in a really positive and supportive way and really celebrated our successes.

Kate McLeod
Little Dragons

MBK has helped so much as we have four settings and therefore many staff who need to keep Up to date with Early Years Training etc. MBK have a wide range of courses and dates that we are able to fit around different staff's working pattern, company positions and we can prioritise and plan accordingly.
The courses they attend are relevant and of interest and informative. Being with others from the workplace helps also as it prompts discussion and confidence.

Kate Groom
Little Sneakers

If it hadn’t been for this inspection experience then the staff would not have got to grips with the three I’s and the quality of education judgement may have been compromised. As it was the team became much more focused on how to implement the three I’s and how this affected closing gaps in children’s learning.

Mollamoud Yussuf
Little A'isha

Light bulb moment of why I was losing money.
By changing my fee structure I will lose less money.
Really enjoyed the whole day. Very informative.
Discussing Fee Structures with other providers.
Giving me new ideas.
Amazing resources thank you!

Customer Moments

Having the reassurance that we always have a reliable training provider to deliver several courses across the year relieves a lot of pressure on me, as a Manager. MBK are efficient and helpful, they take on board any suggestions for the content of courses, meaning they are tailored to our individual settings where possible. We are in our second year using MBK and would highly recommend.

Emily Dodd
Roundabouts Day Nursery

Following a surprising and devastating Ofsted inspection result we received a flyer from MBK through the post which offered sympathy and understanding to settings that had been downgraded.
I don't usually respond to flyers or marketing but there was something about MBK which caught my attention. I followed it up and received excellent customer service and was directed quickly to their Ofsted expert, Emma, who subsequently visited and completed an audit. We have now received full staff training and follow up visits and I feel that our team can now confidently articulate how we are implementing the EYFS for all of our children and will no long feel intimidated when Ofsted return. MBK have been professional throughout and Emma is especially dynamic, extremely knowledgeable and a great trainer. Ofsted re-inspected in May 2023 and whilst the report is yet to be published we are happy with the result and plan to have MBK in on a regular basis to support our professional development.

Clare then achieved her Good outcome on re-inspection in May 2023.

Clare Russell
Early Days UK Ltd

Tricia hosted a training session I went to, helping us with the additional services costs. I found the session interesting and food for thought within my company. Tricia is a lovely genuine trainer and has huge experience as she has nurseries herself, this enables her to understand where we come from.

Elaine Burnett
Little Learners

Tricia’s knowledge of Early Years and her willingness to share knowledge, sometimes freely, sometimes at a very reasonable cost has given me the confidence I need to make better decisions for our Day Nursery. Tricia’s ready responses to my questions and her style of delivery are always refreshing and I have found she always delivers what she promises.

Susan Barter
St Pauls Day Nursery

It’s great how they share new information and include you all once you have attended one of their courses which are very interesting and encouraging. The file containing all areas of Ofsted EYFS is an easy tool when training Senior Staff.

Lorraine Mitchell
Tiddlywinks Nursery School

The implementation of the 30 hours was a minefield. with the help of MBK on the 30 hours, all was made a lot clearer and we were shown how it could work for us, if we implemented it in the right way with the right wording.

I was surprised by the excellence of the courses attended but was also very impressed with the aftercare received in supporting documentation and advice including a private Facebook page for those who had attended the 30 hour workshop.

I chose Tricia knowing that she has a lot of experience and expertise in Early Years, is directly involved in Early Years owning her own settings, and campaigns hard for early years providers. This made the choice easy as I felt she understood the sector better than other training providers who maybe had never worked in the industry. The course was relevant and up to date and informative.

I have recommended Tricia to other providers and always say that the courses I have accessed are excellently delivered and have relevant content.

Jacqueline Howse
Coppice Childcare

Tricia has supported me individually as well as my managers to grow into the roles they have. Tricia has given me faith in my own ability when it wasn’t so great. She has helped me to have the confidence to take my business to the next level.

Why did I choose Tricia? Well, no one else would put up with me, or tell me the truth about things even if I didn’t want to hear it! I have been told we are quite similar (bit of the marmite factor) and perhaps that is why it has worked so well. She has been a peacemaker and a support, a sounding board, but most important to me a confidant when others had let me down. We have also used MBK for training and the courses have all been really good.

Debbie Clarke
Little Rascals Childcare

Tricia Visited our setting to carry out a Quality Assessment visit. The this was really positive and her extensive knowledge around the Early Years was really valued and appreciated. She worked with us to set the nursery achievable targets that were tailored to us specifically. Her suggestions only enhanced our setting further and this has proved to be an invaluable advisory experience for us all.

Kerrie Boland
Manager of Orchidale Nursery
Tavernham, Norfolk

The visits we have had with Tricia and her team have been wonderfully informative, lots of useful information that has proven to be very practical. The visits have assisted with the continued progression of the nursery curriculum and financial stability, along with supporting our self evaluation and staff development.

Sabrina Watt
Manager Toddlers Nursery
Lewes, East Sussex

I can quite confidently say finding MBK was my best ever Google search!! As a setting we had a really difficult few months following a negative Ofsted inspection. The staff morale was very low and it was very hard for me as owner & manager to get any message across to any of my staff. I came across MBK via a Google search in an act of despair. It turns up engaging MBK was the best decision I ever made! The staff responded to their feedback and totally loved the inspiring advice and the team training session delivered by Emma & Charmaine. I plan to continue working with them long-term on my settings progress. Thank you ladies, we are definitely ON THE BUS!

Elettra Marziani