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Funding can be a challenging area to manage. With new strands of funding coming through, offering rates higher than we have ever seen before, do you hve a clear direction of what to do and how?

This webinar will look at the various ways to:

  • Be able to maximise your income for funded children
  • Create a pricing structure that meets all legal requirements
  • Minimise losses and restrict what hours you lose money on
  • Leave with all the knowledge you need to implement in your setting

In this webinar, we will discuss other aspects of your business finances and ways of making savings in other areas of the business. There will be opportunities to ask questions in relation to your delivery of the funded hours.

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Early Years Funding Webinar March 2024

If you are looking for the best way to deliver funded hours then this coudl be the webinar for you. Join Tricia as she shares her methods and models of delivering funding, whilst remaining compliant and within the legislation.

Location: Virtual

Length: 2 hours

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Start: 07/03/2024
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Early Years Funding Webinar March 2024 #1


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