Early Years Nutrition on a Budget Webinar Recording


Our recorded introductory webinar will provide an enlightening insight into early years nutrition and examine how budgetary contraints can still support creating nutritious meals.

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We were delighted to  host this webinar with award-winning author and Nutritional Therapist, Louise Mercieca. We now have the recording available for those who could not attend to purchase. This webinar will help you to understand how to maximise nutrition on a budget and navigate a difficult food landscape.

How to navigate nutrition in a food landscape built on convenience

Help shape the health of a generation

In the world of childcare and early education, ensuring that young children receive the best possible nutrition is a fundamental responsibility.

However, balancing the need for wholesome meals with budget constraints can be a daunting task. We understand your challenges, and that’s why we’ve designed this introductory webinar to empower early years professionals with the knowledge and practical strategies needed to provide nutritious, well-balanced meals to children in a cost-effective manner.

We will look at:

  1. Understanding the Food Landscape & the Role of UPF’s (Ultra-Processed Foods): 🍔
  1. Menu Planning on a Budget

Your dedication to providing nutritious meals on a budget can make a world of difference!


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