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A robust Probation Process ensures you meet all your legal requirements and can support ensuring each staff member is working to their very best ability. Here we have a complete process, procedure and necessary paperwork. Scroll down to see the full list of documents available.

A complete Probation Process complete with tracking documents, paperwork, letters and process flowchart.

The documents included in this section are:

SDPR3.7 Probationary Process Flow Chart
SDPR3.7a Probationary Period Procedure
SDPR3.7b Probationary Review Form
SDPR3.7c Improvement Action Plan
SDPR3.7d Probationary Period Confirmation Letter
SDPR3.7e Probationary Period Dismissal Letter
SDPR3.7f Probationary Period Extension Letter
SDPR3.7g Notification of Probationary Capability Meeting
SDPR3.7h Outcome of Probationary Capability Meeting
SDPR3.7i Probationary Appeal Notice Letter
SDPR3.7j Probationary Appeal Outcome Letter

Price. £95.00

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