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Supervisions for Early Years: Complete Package

Our unique COMPLETE SUPERVISIONS PROGRAMME IN EARLY YEARS is available as all-in-one package including everything you will need to implement an effective supervisions strategy within your setting. All paperwork, policies, examples and training materials are available to download. A total collection of 35 documents scroll down to see the full list. If you just want the basics then go to Supervisions product only.

Effective Early Years supervision and appraisal have a positive impact on children within settings, so we should always be striving towards the best possible methods to undertake these. By effectively managing performance in Early Years and ensuring supervisions in Early Years training is embedded in our teams then we can improve the overall effectiveness of our early years supervisions and early years appraisals.

Our Supervisions programme consists of a COMPLETE GUIDE TO SUPERVISIONS IN EARLY YEARS containing everything you need to deliver an effective supervision programme in line with Ofsted requirements.  The contents of this product includes a wide range of tools that are of the highest calibre, something our customers have come to expect from our range of support documents.

Supervisions for Early Years: Complete Guide

Our early years supervisions complete guide involves a whole team approach that ensures everyone understanding the ethos of supervisions and working together to make sure that they are effective in improving the outcomes of children at your setting. From a training package for your staff, to all the paperwork you will ever need (including exemplar policies and example completed supervision documents), this product will provide the perfect support needed to implement effective supervisions in your setting.  You are free to use the paperwork and training as many times as you like.

Contents include over 35 documents:

  • Complete set of supervisions paperwork including preparing your team, supervision contracts, chronology and much more.
  • Training resources for engaging your team – a complete PowerPoint to get the team on board
  • A comprehensive strategy and a guide to implementing it – the ‘how to’
  • Exemplar policies and procedures including the Process Flowchart
  • Skills Matrix
  • Links to Peer Observations – and so much more…

The complete document list is:

What is a supervision?
Why undertake supervisions?
Supervision Process Flowchart
Doing the homework training
Links to Peer Observations
Preparing for Supervision – supervisor
Preparing for Supervisions – supervisee
Supervision Policy
Skills Matrix Guide
Skills Matrix Document
Sally’s Supervision Journey Guide
Sally’s Supervision Journey Example
Supervision Trainer Notes
Doing your Homework Training PowerPoint
Doing your Homework Training Handout
Form Selector
Supervision Chronology
Individual Supervision Contract
Probationary Review
Catch Up
Safe & Well
How’s the Children
What Next
Look to Learn Peer Observation
Let’s Chat
Creative Solutions 1
Creative Solutions 2
Managerial Observation
Annual Appraisal
Supervision for Leaders & Managers
Sign-off sheet
Continuation Sheet
Supervision Feedback
Supervisions Monitoring Schedule A3

Price. £177.00

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