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CC5 Customer Experiences

Customer Experiences

Our processes, guides and working documents will help you implement a consistent Customer Experience for the best results.

Your Customers Journey and the experience they have forms an essential part of your sales process. Here we have outlined the principles and processes that you can follow in order to ensure consistency and the best conversion rates from visits to customers.

The documents in this section are:

Customer Relationship Management Policy
Building our Family & Community
Building our Service
Building our Quality
Sales Process Guidance
Sales Enquiry Process
Telephone Answering Process – Sites
Telephone Answering Process – Head Office Enquiries Line
Sales Enquiry Form
Parent at Door Enquiry Form
Contents of a Sales Pack
Sales Enquiry Letter
Sales Enquiry Letter Walk in
Sales Enquiry Letter Walk In Covid Restrictions
Sales Enquiry Letter OSC
Child Visit & Starting Record
Child Visit Tips Sheet
Sales Follow Up Letter
Thank You Confirmation Letter
Newsletter Template
Enquiry Entry Process onto Nursery Management Software
Registration Process onto Nursery Management Software

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