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Funding Support – Sustainability Toolkit

Downloadable support toolkit to prepare for 30 hours funding. A full list of downloads is shown below and includes Example Price Lists, Admissions Policy and Parental Agreements.

We’ve taken our awesome early years funding workshop and turned it into a fully downloadable toolkit to support you being able to put together your 30 hours funding package. It equally applies to those doing 15 hours and is designed to support your being able to minimise your losses whilst being clear and transparent to parents.

Contents include: Overview to Funding the Gap, Legislation Round-up, Schedules of Fees & Price Lists, Admissions Policy, Flexible Funding Parental Agreement, Funding Losses Calculator, Statutory Guidance, Funding Tracker to support Place Planning. All in all over a dozen documents to help you Get Profitable for your 30 or 15 hours offer.

Whilst this package doesn’t offer you the ‘full experience’ of a workshop with Tricia herself (recently described as a Superstar by one of her attendees!) it’s the next best thing.

Some of this product is branded under the Foundation Focus brand.

Price. £125.00

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Managing funding is often a cause for concern for many nursery owners and managers. This section provides all the tools you need to achieve this effectively and to ensure sustainability and profitability