Education Grant & EYPP


Managing funding is often a cause for concern for many nursery owners and managers. This section provides all the tools you need to achieve this effectively and to ensure sustainability and profitability

How you manage your funded hours is critical to the profitability of your setting. Here we have a range of paperwork, which when fully implemented will ensure you are not losing significant income due to offering out funded hours. It is legally compliant with most local authorities and if you need support with your own local authority then this can be given. The complete list of documents is shown below and includes some EYPP tracking solutions as well.

Overview to Funding Sustainability
Funding Losses Calculator
Funded Sessions Tracker Mixed
Flexible Funding Procedures
How Flexible Funding Works
Parents 30 hours PowerPoint
April Leaflet for Grant Parents A5
Parents Starting Funding Letter
Flexible Funding Parental Agreement 2020-21
How to change personalisation in Parental Agreement
Flexible Funding Allocation Table
Floating Days Calendar
Early Years Pupil Premium Checklist & Evaluation Sheet
Grant Funded Hours Processing
Fees to Funding Calculator
Golden Rules Checklist


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