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SD2 Induction


Comprehensive Induction processes and paperwork to make the induction of staff a smooth and easy process. Ensuring all the legal requirements are covered from the first day.

The next step in onboarding your new staff members is to give them a thorough Induction and here we have a step by step process and checklist that ensures all the requirements for both the EYFS and Health & Safety are covered.

The documents in this section are:

Induction Guidelines & Overview
Staff Inductors Notes
Staff Induction Printing Packs Process
Staff Induction Checklist
Staff Induction Document Printing Checklist
Staff Handbook
Employee Information Form
Training Agreement
Salary Deductions Agreement
DBS Agreement Deduction
Hepatitis B Waiver
Pregnancy Risk Assessment for New & Expectant Mothers
Room Induction Guidelines
Room Induction Checklist
Security of personal items
Uniform Policy & Guidelines

Price. £95.00

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