Medicines & Illness


Medication information needs to be clear and precise for everyone. Out documents outline internal procedures and parental guidance alongside many fact sheets and posters.

How we manage medications can sometimes be confusing for parents so alongside the policy and forms is a Parent Guidance sheet. There is also a range of Fact Sheets and Posters to put out when an outbreak occurs.

The documents in this section are:

Medication Policy
Medication Form
Medication Storage Form
Long Term Medication forms
Parent Guidance to the Medication Policy
Illness Policy Document
PHE Guidance – The Spotty Book 2018
PHA Poster (Northern Ireland)
CMV Information Sheet
Chicken Pox Facts Poster
German Measles Facts Poster
Hand, Foot & Mouth Poster
Meningitis Poster
Measles Poster
Slapped Cheek Poster
Swine Flu Poster
Impetigo Poster
Diarrhoea & Vomiting Poster
Conjunctivitis Poster
Shingles Poster
Scarlet Fever Poster
Headlice Poster
Child Alert Card – Medical


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