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SG1 Accidents



Our Accidents section contains all the documents you will need to record and monitor children's accident history.
Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy


An essential document where you have staff who are related to each other and children attending whose parents may be friends with staff. Conflicts of Interest need recognition and acting upon and this toolkit will allow you to do that..
SG11 Coronavirus



Covid-19 is still here with us and so we have created a range of documents that may prove useful whilst managing this.



All you need to establish your own COSHH reporting system in your setting.
SG3 Fire Electrical

Fire & Electrical


All your fire and electrical requirements from policies, checklists to example room drills, making this important safeguarding aspect easy to achieve.
SG4 First Aid

First Aid


Keep your First Aid Boxes up to date with our contents lists and checklists. Other useful guidance also included.
SG6 Food Hygiene

Food & Hygiene


Our Food & Hygiene section includes all the 'nuts and bolts' policies, procedures and documents to ensure that all those basic items are being carried out effectively every single day.
SG5 Health Safety

Health & Safety


Some useful learning aids to support your teams understanding of their involvement in Health & Safety.
SG7 Medicines Illness

Medicines & Illness


Medication information needs to be clear and precise for everyone. Out documents outline internal procedures and parental guidance alongside many fact sheets and posters.
SG8 Premises Transport

Premises & Transport


We cover a wide-range of topics within this important aspect of running your business. Get this organised and running smoothly and it can make delivering your services much easier.
SG9 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


Our easy to follow Risk Assessment guidance and example Risk Assessments make sure the team are keep children safe.
SG2 Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children


A complete set of essential paperwork to ensure your safeguarding meets all the requirements  - includes a Safeguarding Audit to measure yourself.
Safeguarding Complete

Safeguarding Complete


Over 200 documents relating to Safeguarding within our early years setting. Included here is the word document reference list to support you amending and building your own handbook.