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SG9 Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Our easy to follow Risk Assessment guidance and example Risk Assessments make sure the team are keep children safe.

Risk Assessment is often considered complicated. However, it doesn’t need to be!. Here we have our walk through methods to Risk Assessment and then actual Risk Assessment examples to support generating your own in your setting.  A whole team approach.

The documents in this section are:

Risk Assessment Policy
Risk Assessment Procedure
Risk Assessment Sheet
Pregnancy Risk Assessment – Nursery/Club)
Pregnancy Risk Assessment – Office based
Fire Risk Assessment – Electrical Fire
Fire Risk Assessment – Kitchen Fire
Quarterly Risk Assessment Checklist
New & Expectant Mothers Policy
Display Screen Equipment Policy
Manual Handling – Reducing the Risks
Snow & Ice Risk Assessment
Daily Health & Safety Check
Room Daily Health & Safety Checks
Outdoor Play Area Daily Checklist
Risk Assessment Nursery Floor
Risk Assessment Outside Play Area
Risk Assessment T4Kids
Fire Risk Assessment

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