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SG2 Safeguarding Children

Safeguarding Children

A complete set of essential paperwork to ensure your safeguarding meets all the requirements  – includes a Safeguarding Audit to measure yourself.

An extensive set of documents to meet the EYFS requirements for Safeguarding Children. Consisting of no less than 9 different policies and with relevant procedures and practical paperwork to ensure you have everything covered.

The documents in this section are:

Safeguarding Children Policy & Child Protection Procedure
Safeguarding Audit
Safeguarding Poster
Child Protection Information Record Keeping
Key Points for Child Protection and Record Keeping
Guidance Notes for Chronologies
Standard Safeguarding Children Process
Child Protection Referral Flowchart
Chronology Form
Marks or Injuries on Arrival
Child Protection Communication Notes
Child Welfare Protection Report Form
Child Protection Referral Form
Sun Protection Policy
Letter to Parents SPP
Sun Cream Consent Form
Sun Advice Poster
Summer Hat Poster
Sun Cream Label
Dummy/Pacifier Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Infant Sleeping Policy
Sleep Chart
Procedure in event of SIDS
Safeguarding Incident Form
Babysitting Policy
What to do if you are worried a child is being abused – Advice for Practitioners March 2015
Children’s Attendance Policy
Zero Tolerance Poster
Conflict of Interest Policy & Guidelines
Declaration of Conflict of Interest
Lone Working Policy
Risk Assessment Lone Working
Responding to Emergencies ‘Lockdown’ Policy
E-Safety & Screen Time Information

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