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All you need to establish your own COSHH reporting system in your setting.

Ensuring you  have a clear policy and procedure for your COSHH requirements is made easy with this section. We include a variety of COSHH sheets from popular products. You should however gather your own set for everything you use within the setting.

The documents in this section are:

COSHH Policy
COSHH Procedure
Product Information
Purchase Order Cleaning Products
Diluting Cleaning Solutions
COSHH Sheet 1
Cleaning Products Risk Assessment
Freshaloo Data Sheet
5 in 1 Dishwasher Tablets Data Sheet
Antibacterial Surface Cleanser Data Sheet
Savona D1 Washing up Liquid Data Sheet
Pine Scented Disinfectant Data Sheet
Apple Fresh Disinfectant Data Sheet
Fairy Non-Biological Powder Data Sheet
Toilet Cleaner Data Sheet
Washing up Liquid Data Sheet
Shield Cleaner Disinfectant Concentrate Data Sheet

Price. £25.00

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