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Customer Care Complete

Nearly 100 documents relating to Customer Care within your early years setting. Included here is the word document reference list to support you amending and building your own handbook.

This Customer Care complete section includes all the documents in all the sub-categories together in a single purchase, representing best value overall.

You can download a pdf version of the full list of documents in this section here.

COMING SOON – options to buy sections on USB and Folders to contain the documents.

Price. £500.00

Customer Complaints

The paperwork you need to ensure you are recording all the correct information for any Complaints you receive.

Child Welfare

Our key 25 documents relating to delivery of high quality childcare.


Our range of Inclusion documents ensure that you have all that you need to manage children with SEND.

Social Events

Get yourself organised with out Graduation and parents Evening documentation.

Customer Experiences

Our processes, guides and working documents will help you implement a consistent Customer Experience for the best results.

Customer Surveys

Ask your customers what you need to do to improve - both children and staff. These surveys provide all you need to do that.

Additional Sales

Additional sales can really boost income and thrill parents with the results. Get organised and put new ideas into place.


Get your Marketing underway with our practical organisers and templates.

Supporting Parents

Building relationships with parents can take time and understanding. Introducing them to who we are and what we do can smooth the path to their understanding. Here we look at some of the parent facing policies.

Strategic Vision

Develop your vision and values with these useful tools. Scroll down to see the full list of contents. When you purchase you will also get a full list of all Customer Care Documents.

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Covid-19 is still here with us and so we have created a range of documents that may prove useful whilst managing this.

Fees & Invoicing


Our Fees & Invoicing section contains the Schedule for monthly invoicing alongside other useful documents to monitor and keep invoicing and payments on track. Schedule of Fees and Funded Prices Lists also included here.



Our range of Inclusion documents ensure that you have all that you need to manage children with SEND.