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SDPO3 Peer Observations

Peer Observations

The quick and easy way to make Peer Observations work for you. The 5 minute method is explained and all the tools you need to make it work are included here. Scroll down for the complete list of documents.

Our Peer Observation system is designed to be a win-win process. The observers are not their to critique the observees, rather they learn from them because they are excellent at the specific aspects being observed. We even have a Skills Matrix that enables you to rate various aspects of each practitioner – so you know who to send to observe who when the time comes The documents included in this section are:

The 5 Minute Method
Peer Observations Matrix –  A Manual
Peer Observations Individual Analysis
Peer Observations Skills Matrix
Peer Observation Form
Managerial Observation Form

Price. £50.00

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