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Managing staff absence alongside their well-being is a balancing act. Setting out expectations on both sides can prove extremely useful in this process. Our range of documents support this and work towards keeping staff at work rather than being absent. Scroll down to see the full list of documents.

Well-being should be embedded in everything you do including some of the basic processes of monitoring and managing absences and leave. Our range of documents ensure you have covered the core elements as well as some of the nice to have’s. We include the Professional Code of Conduct which outlines expectations of your staff team and the Job Support document that highlights what can be expected by your team as support to do their jobs effectively. The range of documents in this section are:

Well-Being Strategy
Feeling Good & Keeping Healthy Policy
Sick Leave & Attendance Policy
Formal Request for Medical Consent
Formal Request for Medical Report
Employee Letter confirming no medical report to them
Well-being & Return to Work Meeting
Staff Sickness Chronology
Birthday Holiday Policy
Holiday & Absence Policy
Smoking Alcohol Drugs Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Mobile Phone Signing In & Out Book
Mileage Expenses Policy
Professional Code of Conduct
Professional Code of Conduct Questionnaire
Employee Policy Agreement Form
Job Support
Unauthorised Absence Letter (Stage 1)
Unauthorised Absence Letter (Stage 2)
Attendance Bonus

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