Premises & Transport


We cover a wide-range of topics within this important aspect of running your business. Get this organised and running smoothly and it can make delivering your services much easier.

We’ve covered a range of policies and documents within this section as it is wide-reaching. Getting yourself organised to ensure your premises and vehicles are all in good repair and having a system in place can make a huge diference to the smoother running of the setting.

The documents in this section are:

Building Maintenance & Safety Policy
Maintenance Schedule
General Building Maintenance Checks
Maintenance Request Procedure
Emergency Repair Contact Numbers
Maintenance Request Form
Maintenance Request Job Sheet
Maintenance Project Sheet
Groundsman Daily Job sheet
Managing Access Policy
Staff & Visitor Register
Visitors Book
Arrival & Departure Routines
Failure to Collect Procedure
Failure to Collect Children from School Procedure
Out of School Club Contact Flow Chart ST
Company Vehicle Policy
Drivers Annual Questionnaire
Vehicle Checks Procedure
Vehicle Defect Report
Mileage & Passenger Expense Claim Form
Snow & Ice on Nursery Premises Procedure
Snow Clothes Poster
Snow Poster
Environment Policy
Outings & Special Events Policy
Outings Procedure
Outing Request Form
Outings Deployment Sheet
Sub-Contractors Handbook
Contractors Agreement
CCTV Policy



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