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Staff Development Complete

The Complete Staff Development section of the Manual covering a whole range of aspects connected to recruiting, inducting and supervising staff.

The Staff Development section of the Operations Manual includes all aspects of managing your staff team. Everything from staff recruitment and induction. It also covers topics such as supervisions, disciplinary, grievance, staff meetings and wellbeing to name a few.

Available here as a COMPLETE PROGRAMME with individual sections available to purchase on their own.

You can download a pdf version of the full list of documents in this section here.

Price. £1,150.00

Staff Recruitment

A comprehensive set of paperwork to support Staff Recruitment. Covering all the key aspects from job descriptions, through to interviews, job offers and following right through to employment. Scroll down for the full list of documents in this section.


Comprehensive Induction processes and paperwork to make the induction of staff a smooth and easy process. Ensuring all the legal requirements are covered from the first day.

Performance Descriptors

Performance Descriptors set expectations for the different job roles within the early years sector. Our range of performance descriptors supports getting the best out of your team at every level when used as a learning and development tool.


A robust Probation Process ensures you meet all your legal requirements and can support ensuring each staff member is working to their very best ability. Here we have a complete process, procedure and necessary paperwork. Scroll down to see the full list of documents available.


All the essential Supervisions documents are here in this section. A comprehensive and effective supervision process that works towards real improvement and based on children's needs and includes some useful tools to support practitioners in taking ownership of the process. Scroll down for the complete list of documents.

Peer Observations

The quick and easy way to make Peer Observations work for you. The 5 minute method is explained and all the tools you need to make it work are included here. Scroll down for the complete list of documents.

Capability Management

Managing Team Performance and their capabilities is made much easier with the right process and clear expectations laid down by everyone. Here we have exactly that and all the recording paperwork required. Scroll down to see the complete list of documents.

Coaching Support

Coaching support questions are provided here along with some expectations of different roles.

Policies & Procedures

A unique collection of over 100 policies & procedures alongside a complete list of these policies to allow for tracking their updating. Policy checklists for employees and students support policy knowledge development and complete this section.

Staff Discipline

All the key documents needed to support the disciplinary and grievance procedures within a nursery.


Developing staff and keeping a track of what training they have done is key to ensuring you achieve a well-developed and happy team.

Succession Planning

Preparing your team for more responsibilities, allocating specific tasks or roles to them and then ensuring they are ready for the next role all forms part of your succession planning.

Work-Life Balance

Preparing your team for more responsibilities, allocating specific tasks or roles to them and then ensuring they are ready for the next role all form part of your succession planning.

Maternity, Paternity & Adoption

A complete range of documents to cover these aspects of being an employer. We include checklists for those going onto Maternity and a Leave Plan to support employees return to work

Staff Meeting

A complete guide and useful outlines for running a variety of meetings to support moving the business forward and engaging the team.


Ensuring your students are able to contribute effectively to your service delivery is made all the easier with these example policies, guidelines and handbook.


Managing staff absence alongside their well-being is a balancing act. Setting out expectations on both sides can prove extremely useful in this process. Our range of documents support this and work towards keeping staff at work rather than being absent. Scroll down to see the full list of documents.


Implementing a redundancy process can be daunting. These documents are designed to outline the process and provide some useful support information for this. Scroll down to see the full list of documents.

Supervisory Skills

A practical toolkit to support new managers, deputies, seniors and room leaders in learning the necessary supervisory skills to be great at their role. This pack contains ideas for researching and tasks to complete n your journey.

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